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The YES for Milton Committee is a group of dedicated community members from every part of town. Together, the YES for Milton Committee is working to ensure the Town of Milton will have the resources it needs to invest in quality of life initiatives that benefit all residents.

Co-Chair: Caroyln Cahill

Carolyn grew up in Milton, and she now resides and works as a Real Estate Agent in town. She is a town meeting member and the former co-secretary of the Warrant Committee, where she served as a member for four years. Throughout her career, Carolyn has seen surrounding communities benefit from state matching funds to improve open spaces and fields, revitalize historical buildings, and identify solutions for affordable housing.  Carolyn believes it’s Milton's time to receive these financial benefits.  

Treasurer: Kristine Hodlin

Kris is a long-serving Library Trustee, a Town meeting member, and a past Warrant Committee member. She has 3 grown children and 3 young grandsons living in Milton. Kris wants Milton to take advantage of state CPA funds to retain open spaces and help preserve historic buildings like the Milton Art Center for future generations.

Co-Chair: Joe Reardon

Joe has long been active in town government. He currently serves as Trustee of Milton Cemetery and a Town Meeting Member. He is also the Vice Chair of the Norfolk County Advisory Board, a position to which he was appointed by the Select Board. As Vice Chair, he and his colleagues have oversight over the county budget, which includes CPA revenue from the Registry of Deeds. Joe believes that not taking advantage of the CPA matching funds provided by the state prevents Milton from becoming all it can be.

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