Support the Milton Community Preservation Act

Join us as we vote YES on question 3 to adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA) in Milton! Adoption of the CPA will provide the Town of Milton with vital state funding to preserve our community resources and promote smart growth in the years ahead. 

As the Town of Milton faces challenges related to budget shortfalls and rising housing costs, the CPA ensures our community will have the resources it needs to invest in quality of life initiatives that benefit all residents. Revenue generated through the CPA may be used to enhance and conserve open spaces; improve and restore parks,

playgrounds and athletic fields; preserve and rehabilitate historic properties and districts; and identify solutions to meet affordable housing needs.

East Milton Square
East Milton Square

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Outdoor Recreation
Outdoor Recreation

Milton Lower Mills
Milton Lower Mills

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East Milton Square
East Milton Square

(Photo Credit Boston Aerials)


More than half of all Massachusetts communities have adopted the CPA since its inception twenty years ago. These communities received more than $33.6 million in state disbursements in the 2020 fiscal year alone. A YES vote in favor of the CPA during this year’s presidential election will bring these same benefits to the Town of Milton and its residents.

YES for State Matching Funds!

Adoption of the CPA would allow Milton to receive state matching funds that it has missed out on for 20 years. Milton residents pay into the state Community Preservation Trust, but until Milton adopts the CPA, its residents will have nothing to show for it. Vote YES on 3 to ensure Milton receives its fair share of state funds.

YES for Conservation, Playgrounds and Parks!

Although Milton has plentiful open space, efforts to improve outdoor facilities are chronically underfunded. CPA funds could be used to install a kayak launch at Milton Landing, build a boardwalk around Pope's Pond, create bocce courts at the Council on Aging, or improve athletic facilities around town.

YES for Helping to Rebuild Our Historic Fire Stations!

Revitalizing our aging fire stations is the most important capital need in Milton today. Because portions of the fire stations qualify as historic buildings, CPA funds could support their renovation and repair.

YES for Milton Seniors!

Low-to-moderate income seniors will be exempt from paying the CPA surcharge-- something that would not be possible with an across-the-board tax. Adoption of the CPA will offset the costs of capital projects, reducing the need for tax increases and overrides. We owe it to our seniors to take advantage of the CPA.

YES to Local Housing Control and Alternatives to 40B Developments!

Milton faces at least four potential 40B developments, many of which are high density and out of scale with surrounding neighborhoods. The CPA could fund alternatives to 40B developments, increasing our affordable housing stock while giving the Town a seat at the negotiating table.


“I hope you will join me in voting Yes on 3 for Milton. Important local projects and initiatives are missing out on receiving state matching funds – let’s change that! A vote to adopt the Community Preservation Act will strengthen our town and benefit everyone."

Bill Driscoll Jr.

State Representative


"I'm voting YES on Question 3 because efforts to improve Milton's parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields have historically been limited by a lack of dedicated funds. Our town needs a way to support public amenities that is not contingent upon grassroots campaigns led by parent volunteers. Now more than ever, we depend on our open spaces for recreation, socialization, and fitness. A YES vote on Question 3 ensures children, families, and seniors can enjoy all of the incredible outdoor spaces our town has to offer."

Rachel Pozzar

Cunningham Parent

TMM, Precinct 8

C+C Green Space Committee Member